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I am Phillip. I like to consider myself a very lucky man. I have been married to an amazing, smart, kind, compassionate and gorgeous woman for 17 years. I have three great children that I live for. As if all of this wasn’t enough, I’m blessed with photography and the creative ability to capture a moment in time that can never be duplicated or recreated. Each of our lives are made up of a multitude of moments, to have one of these moments frozen in time and preserved for the life of the image, makes that image, that moment, priceless.
Outside of being a good husband and father, one of the most important goals in my life is to make sure that the people I encounter in life leave our exchange with something positive. I love seeing people happy, but what I love even more is being the one who supplied the happiness. My main goal as your photographer will be making sure that this holds true for your experience. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture your moments.
I hope you enjoy every second of your experience with me.